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Roof Inspections in Pittsburgh

Regular roofing inspections are one of the keys to prolonging the life of your roof. Under normal circumstances you should expect to get about 25 years out of a roof before it needs to be replaced, but there are a number of problems that could drastically shorten this number. Phoenix Renovation Pros performs roof inspections in Pittsburgh to help you keep your home safe and sound from the elements.

Save Money with Our Roofing Inspections

Perhaps one of the most costly repairs to your home is fixing water damage. Every year water damage costs homeowners thousands of dollars, and your roof is the only barrier standing between your home and costly repairs. We recommend that homeowner have an inspection before the season with the most severe weather and again after the season is over. If we find anything during our roofing inspection it is advisable to fix it right away.

By investing a little money into preventative maintenance now, you save thousands of dollars in repairs later and protect your home from water damage. Perhaps the most important reason to have regular roof inspections is because of how dangerous it is to have a leaky roof. Water damage leads to mold and mildew, which is responsible for killing people every year in the US. Protect your home and your family from potentially hazardous environments by hiring us.

Roofing Inspections in Pittsburgh

Have a Better Idea about Your Home's Value

Homebuyers are very cautious when buying a home today. No one wants to buy a house that requires a lot of work or repairs, unless they are getting it for a great bargain. If you are considering selling your property, it is crucial that you know what condition your roof is in; our roofing inspection service is the best way. We give you detailed information about the current state of your roof, and only recommend installing a new roof if it is necessary. With our help your home maintains its curb appeal and value to potential buyers.

When you hire us, you are hiring a locally-owned-and-operated business that makes spectacular customer service their number-one goal. With more than 20 years of experience, we are the clear choice for roofing inspections. Get your free estimate today, and find out why we are rising above the rest.

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